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The Legal Tech Digest is a niche industry newsletter covering the latest news and developments from the legal tech sector in India.

Published every month.

What does it cover?

Each issue contains several sections:

From the vanguard: New companies, government and public sector initiatives, investment activity, and breakthrough developments.

Market research and insights: Market intelligence and forecasting data related to industry trends in the legal tech sector.

Opportunities in legal tech: Business and career opportunities for people interested in legal tech. These include startup pitches, incubation/acceleration programs, job openings, as well as research and academic opportunities.

Around the world: Legal tech news from outside India which have relevance to the Indian legal and justice ecosystem.

Essential readings: Handpicked content suggestions worth your time. Includes video, audio, and text content.


The publication is authored and managed by Namit Oberoy, creator of Indian Legal Tech

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