Hello, good people! Welcome back to another issue of the Legal Tech Digest. You are reading Issue #12 of the Substack edition of this newsletter. In…

July 2022

In this issue: Increasing adoption of ODR, calls for implementation from more sectors; the role of public-private partnerships. Fascinating insights…

June 2022

Hello, hello! We’re into the 10th issue of this newsletter. I am still figuring out the emails’ structure, themes, frequency, and level of…

May 2022

Takeaways from CJI Ramana and PM Modi's speeches, a video library of legal tech content, and observations on legal education reforms.

March 2022

What have 18 years of virtualisation and piecemeal attempts to reform brought us?
Digitisation efforts are bringing results in the Supreme Court and Orissa HC, global legal tech investment activity reaches record levels, and more…
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